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At a glance, it can be deduced that children who engage in well-supervised after-school programs display good work habits, task persistence, have better social skills, better academic performance, less aggressive behaviors, and exhibit better pro-social behaviors at the end of the school year. What better truth can be said of this?

Before we lead you in the path of what we have to offer, let’s take a brief look at the benefits of after-school programs.


Improvement of social skills
A good after-school program promotes some certain factors such as cooperation and support that aids kids by motivating them to join a group or start a conversation. By so doing, kids can feel more secure even when they socialize, thereby, enhancing their social skills.

Sense of belonging 
One of the crucial benefit of this program is the sense of belonging it creates. How? In situations whereby the program isn’t run by the school district or a facility close-by, children can get to meet new kids aside from those they see daily in school. This implies that they do not have to deal with the same cabal and social issues. This program creates the chance for your child to connect with other kids from different environments.

Academic support and fun-learning
After-school programs provide structured homework help. Well, homework can often cause friction between kids with thinking and learning differences and their parents. So, getting their homework done during the after-school program can make everyone’s evening more relaxing and pleasant.
After-school Programs may also offer art courses like music and drama, which can help kids, find new interests.


The quality program we offer..

We understand the role played by a good learning environment and excellent teachers in influencing your child’s learning. Not only do we understand, we have also put in place, the necessary measures that ensure that your child gets the most of his/her after-school program.


Courses we offer: 


Whether your child is an English language learner or a native English speaker, enrolling in an English course can be beneficial for everyday life – educationally, professionally, or for personal reasons. We offer small group, semi-private, and private English class for students of K-any grade.



We teach our math courses with utmost simplicity as we aim to impact unto students the basic foundation in basic math and analytical skills, as this can equip them for academic upgrading or entrance into university and college programs.


Reading and Writing

Reading improves organizational skills, vocabulary, and the ability to read, comprehend, and analyze text. Writing enhances the thinking process and adds to the development of critical thinking skills. The combination of reading and writing helps our students stir up the best of their thinking abilities.


Listening and Speaking 

With the aim of developing the oral communication skills, thinking, and enhancing collaboration among students, we focus our listening and speaking classes on improving your child through interesting classroom actives such as presentations, projects and fun games.


Improving pronunciation 

Sadly, pronunciation is often neglected in the majority of language classrooms. English teaching practitioners avoid dealing with pronunciation skills for some number of reasons. Similarly, the lack of attention allotted to pronunciation is also shown in the amount of research that deals with it. Our pronunciation classes help to enhance pronunciation, fluency through a variety of techniques and strategies.



Considering the benefits of an after-school program and how the courses we offer can help prepare your child in most aspect, it is essential to enroll your child today and get the best of our services.